What is CMMS in 2023? Benefits, Use Cases & Implementation

UPDATED ON January 3, 2023    |     PUBLISHED ON October 29, 2022    |    3 minute READ
UPDATED ON January 3, 2023
PUBLISHED ON October 29, 2022
3 minute READ
Written by Cem Dilmegani
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CMMS is a software solution that allows users to manage the asset maintenance processes in a centralized manner.

Equipment failures, lack of regular documentation of work processes, and poor work order administration are the three biggest issues maintenance teams faces.1 Nearly 70% of businesses use CMMS solutions to overcome their maintenance challenges, while only 5% of businesses have no maintenance solution.

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) is a comprehensive solution for the maintenance of assets, the management of work orders, and the systematic tracking of reporting and compliance processes. This article provides an overview of CMMS software, its benefits, applications, and the points to keep in mind when implementing a CMMS solution.

What is CMMS?

CMMS is a software solution that allows users to manage the asset maintenance processes in a centralized manner. CMMS allows users to:

A CMMS can be confused and sometimes used interchangeably with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), which is another asset management solution. However, a CMMS differs from an EAM solution in terms of its scope, focus area, and complexity. While CMMS mainly focuses on asset maintenance, the function of EAM embraces the entire asset lifecycle. Check our article on the differences between CMMS and EAM for a more comprehensive account.

What are the benefits of CMMS?

Benefits of CMMS software include:

As a whole, CMMS software enables companies to increase efficiency and productivity, prevent fatal risks, and save both time and money. Feel free to check our in-depth article on the benefits of CMMS.

Which industries adopt CMMS?

CMMS is used in asset-intensive sectors such as oil & gas, mining, and transportation. Due to its significant advantages in maintenance management, CMMS is also used in:

How to choose the right CMMS software?

Check our article on CMMS software to explore different types of CMMS tools and top solutions.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask:

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